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Tensions Arise In Numenor For The Rings Of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

Mae govannen, mellyn

After two weeks without any new scoop related to the show, we are back with big news concerning one of the most important storylines of the entire series: Numenor. In this second season, the main spotlight will not be on the great kingdom of men, but big things will start to happen and tensions will soar througout the season. So, here are this week’s scoops.


Major Numenor scoops for The Rings of Power Season 2

Excl: Tensions are really high in Numenor throughout season 2 resulting in a major disaster happening in the capital city near the end stemmed from the Faithful Vs Kingsmen dilemma. (Not the sinking of Numenor)

Excl: In a pivotal moment in episode 5 Elendil will hastily leave the capital city of Numenor and ride away on his horse. He is described as looking “haggard”. This scene is meant to be “impressionistic” and presented as such on screen.

Excl: In the now updated edited 8- episode cut for The Rings of Power season 2 there have been more Numenor scenes included than before.



These are certainly very, very important news about Numenor’s storyline, which seems destined to move inexorably towards the Akallabeth. Which of these news did you enjoy the most? Which one aroused your curiosity? Let us know in our Instagram polls and in the comments below the posts.

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