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How Closely Does The Rings of Power Follow What Tolkien Actually Wrote? (Part I – Locations)

What is the purpose of adapting a beloved literary work to film or television? For the stu

January 24, 2023
EXCL: New Character and Location Revealed for The Rings Of Power Season 2

Hi all, our beloved fellowship! The new year has now arrived, and with it also the news re

January 22, 2023
EXCL: New Character Revealed for The Rings Of Power Season 2

The Second Age Show returned this week with all the latest scoops for season 2 of The Ring

December 11, 2022
EXCL: Rings Of Power Season 2 Filming Set Report

Filming for season 2 of The Rings of Power is well underway with a lot of the shooting th

December 2, 2022
The Rings of Power: Our In-depth Analysis Of Episode Seven “The Eye”

Mae Govannen, mellyn! Welcome back once again to our classic weekly appointment dedicated

October 12, 2022

The Rings of Power
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@FellowshipFans I wrote a paper on this topic for my Master's in Tolkien Studies, actually. I consider it courage/resolve combined with hopeful joy for a better future.