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The Roads Less Traveled in Arda

Within Tolkien’s Legendarium, we are introduced to a plethora of different locations—m

July 17, 2024
Why the presence of Barrow-wights could make sense in the Second Age

The well-known British magazine Empire Magazine has in recent days released a lengthy roun

July 6, 2024
The Trolls of Middle-earth

Recently, we got our first look at a Hill-troll named Damrod in promotional material for s

July 4, 2024
Revisiting a Rings of Power fan theory: could Adar really be Maglor?

Since we are in the run-up to season 2 of Rings of Power, I thought it would be fun to loo

July 2, 2024
EXCL: The First 20 Minutes of The War of the Rohirrim Footage Revealed & Described (Spoilers)

Today at Annecy Film Festival, the first 20 minutes of the ‘The Lord of the Rings: T

June 11, 2024


🚨New photo of Gil-Galad for #TheRingsOfPower s2

via @DenofGeekUS

Guess who met up with the Grey Wizard!

🚨OFFICIAL: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim Official Visual Companion

Based on the pattern near the gate, all the 3 images are from Eregion, near the possible statue of Feanor. What could be the reason of Durin IV visiting Eregion? Could this be after Durin III gets his ring and starts showing the "side" effects?
#TheRingsOfPower #LOTR