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The Rings of Power

What can we expect from the Season 2 of The Rings of Power?

The first season of Rings of Power is now behind us, and all fans’ eyes are already turned to the future of the show, which is already starting to show us the first glimpses of the second season through news and statements from the writers. If the first season of the series represented a general introduction to what we are going to see in the coming years, it is reasonable to expect that the second journey to Amazon’s Middle-earth will be much more intense and full of epicness. So let’s analyze all the scenarios presented in the show, trying to understand what we can go and see in the awaited second season.




The Dark Lord Sauron has finally revealed himself, and at the end of the first season we were shown his return to the Black Land. This means that probably at the beginning of the S2 we will see the Tower of Barad-Dur already built and in operation, with Sauron intent on building his domain. The writers have anticipated that the character of Gorthaur will be much deepened in the next season, similar to what was done with Galadriel in the first act of the show. It is therefore legitimate to expect flashbacks on his life and a very close view of how he is trying to build his empire, and this vision of the character seems very interesting to me, since it creates a more direct relationship between him and the viewer. Another situation that arouses much curiosity concerns the creation of all the other Rings of Power, especially The One, the object that turned an entire era upside down.

Another very important factor to consider is that relating to Adar and his orcs. In the first season we got to understand that the fallen elf and Sauron know each other, and that there is certainly no sympathy between them. S2 will therefore be able to deepen their relationship, and show what lies behind Adar’s words after his capture in S1. And what will be the fate of Theo, Bronwyn and Arondir? In the last act of this first season we heard the southern woman speak of a migration to the west, in order to leave behind as soon as possible the heart of Mordor itself. This scenario remains a mystery, but certainly the characters in question will have a role to play in the future, and the sword that Galadriel has given to the young Theo is a clear sign of this. Last but not least is the fate of Isildur, who is currently lost in the Black Land. Personally I’m very curious to understand how they will exploit this strange narrative device, and my feeling is that the character will have much more space than last season.



Elven Realms

The elves created their three rings without Sauron’s knowledge, and the most plausible thing to expect is that in the first episodes of S2 we will see the power of the three being distributed in the various elven kingdoms, In order to preserve the bliss and beauty of the realms of the Eldar in Middle-earth, like in the books. After facing the Dark Lord himself, Galadriel will likely use Nenya’s power to create another mighty kingdom, destined to become the heart of the Elven domain in the third age: Lorien. The foundation of this magnificent place could therefore be one of the key events of S2, and it is from that moment that Finarfin’s daughter will begin to become even wiser and more powerful. Vilya will instead be entrusted to the High King Gil-Galad, lord of Lindon and the highest political authority of the elven world in the Second Age. Regarding Narya, the ring that will then be given to Gandalf in the Third Age, will initially be kept by one of the most fascinating and ancient characters of Middle-earth, Cirdan the Carpenter, who will be introduced in the next season, as announced by the showrunners.

The time has come to talk about Eregion, which will have a particularly important space in S2. Thanks to the books we know that in this wonderful kingdom there will be a violent battle against the forces of Sauron, caused precisely by the creation of the elven rings. In the show it will be interesting to see how they will handle this situation, since Sauron has already made his appearance in Celebrimbor’s domain, and has already clouded his mind. The first episodes of the next season will be crucial for the narrative structure not only of S2, but also of the first, since the last episode (Alloyed) is a sort of bridge to the events that we will see in the future.




This storyline didn’t end in the best way: Elrond has been kicked out from the kingdom and Durin IV had great contrasts with his father, and this led to a momentary closure of any negotiation between elves and dwarves. However, the mithril problem is already largely solved by the Noldor, as the rings of power will act as catalysts of divine light in the various elven kingdoms, leading to their future prosperity. We’ve seen that at the bottom of the mountain the Balrog seems to wake up, but rest calm, it’s probably just a directorial gimmick to make us understand that it’s there, and that it will play a role in the future.

Durin III’s wisdom has led the dwarves to temporarily appease their greed, and it will be very interesting to understand how the relations with the elves will be restored, given that, according to the texts, the battle we were talking about above will see the dwarves among the protagonists . Still quoting the books, the realm of Khazad-Dum will develop a very solid and important relationship with Eregion, given the affinity between Celebrimbor and the dwarves in forging and creating. Season 2 will therefore probably introduce Narvi too, a famous dwarven artisan known for building the Moria gate together with Celebrimbor himself. In all of this, Durin IV and Disa will have to fix their relationship with the King, and regain contact with their friend Elrond, and this narrative section will also be intriguing to see.




I admit it, the situation in Numenor is really strange. Queen Miriel has returned from her expedition to Mordor blind (very weird), but her intention is to return in strength to deliver the final blow to the orcs with the help of Galadriel and the elves. However, other things are changing right now, as we could see in the last episode. Tar Palantir is dead, and Pharazon may soon decide to take the opportunity to take the throne for himself, as happens in the books, and this could radically change many things. In fact, if Pharazon were to rise to power, the relations between the elves and Numenor will take a very different turn, but if we take the books as a reference, it is logical to guess that there may be two options for S2: The first is that Pharazon decides to remain faithful to his queen, supporting her in the war against the Black Land, while the second option is for Gimilkhâd’s son to take the throne for himself, fighting alongside the elves only for convenience.

In any case, the political situation is extremely delicate at the moment, and Tar Palantir death threatens to unleash a series of turmoils that will plunge the realm of men definitively into darkness. Another figure that will be interesting to follow is Elendil, who was destroyed by the first season of the show, due to the presumed death of Isildur. And what about Kemen and Earien? They will experience the political drama of Numenor in a very Romeo and Juliet style, and their relationship will inevitably intensify. In the nex season we could also see Anarion, Isildur younger brother, who seems to be in mission in a foreign country (this is not clear).



Hobbits and “The Stranger”

Finally, here we are at the chronicles concerning the halflings and the Stranger. The first season ended in a certainly satisfying and unopened way, as Nori has finally fulfilled her dream to setting off on an adventure in the vast Middle-earth. In my opinion the harfoots will have less space in the next seasons, given the huge and complex events that await us. Furthermore, the protagonist of this Storyline has taken a different path, and her story will obviously be told separately. However, it cannot be excluded that over the course of the seasons the rest of the harfoots will meet the other Hobbit tribes around the world, eventually founding the much loved Shire at the end of the show.

But let’s get to the most interesting part, namely the one concerning the Stranger. I know what you’re thinking, but I won’t call him Gandalf right now, because I’m personally still not 100% sure it’s him despite THAT final sentence. Either way, the Istar is heading to Rhun with Nori, and this particular storyline is going to be very, very interesting. That land, to understand, is located in the extreme east of Middle-earth, and hosts not only Esterlings, but also Avari elves. For the wizard this journey is essential to understand more about his origins and his purpose, and the three mystics, through one of their artifacts, have shown him a precise area to go to. According to the texts Alatar and Pallando, the famous blue sorcerers who at a certain point were lost, wandered in those lands trying to thwart the evil forces. It is speculated that their actions meant that several peoples of the south / east did not join Sauron in the War of the Ring, and that they sparked annoying rebellions in the domains of the Dark Lord. Tolkien himself speaks of a hypothesis according to which the two have founded magical cults, forgetting their real purpose. That the three mystics are somehow connected to these magical cults? We will only find out by watching the show, but in my opinion it is very likely that the two wizards will be introduced in S2.

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