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EXCL: New Character Revealed for The Rings Of Power Season 2

The Second Age Show returned this week with all the latest scoops for season 2 of The Rings of Power and we now have out first new character revealed which is being played by young actor Jamie Bisping. Jamie Bisping will be playing the character ‘Calenwë’ an elf and Amazon Original Character for season 2. We don’t know how involved Calenwë is in the second season, but given that it is a named character means that he will contribute to the plot in someway. The best guess is an involvement similar to that of Thorondir in the first epsiodes of season 1 but we shall have to wait and see.

In regards to the meaning of the name, Calen is the Sindarin word for “green” with “wë” as the suffix. Could this be a hint that he will be a wood elf, potentially from the Greenwood?

Jamie Bisping - Company Operations Specialist - Otta.com | LinkedIn

Another scoop related to where the story might be heavily focused on or begin in the first few episodes of season 2 is:

“EXCL: Since the return of shooting for season 2 one of the main aspects of filming has been the Mordor scenes with the Orc tunnel set being one of the largest outdoor sets.”

Also we have heard that Adar’s prosthetics have been updated and a lot more twisted and evil looking. In the episode it was speculated that this might result in the Adar vs Halbrand face off that we have known about for a while (which may have also now been reshot with the new Adar actor). The outdoor orc tunnel/ Mordor sets have had a lot of filming on them so that may be where a lot of the action may start come 2024.

Watch the full Second Age Show episode here with discussions and theories around the latest scoops!

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