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Warner Bros to Make New “The Lord of the Rings” Movies

Hey everyone! Things are getting more interesting concerning new movie productions. After the recent developments in the new anime film “LOTR: the War of Rohirrim”, we read Michael De Luca and Pam Andy, co-CEOs of Warner Bros expressing their wish to make more Lord of the Rings movies and visiting Peter Jackson in New Zealand. They seem to be on a quest to “revive” Warner Bros with big projects, meaning the potential Lord of the Rings movies can be very big.

Also let’s clear something up, these movies will not be remakes of the original trilogies. They will simply be based on “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, meaning they can only pull their sources from those books. Sadly like in the case of Amazon’s The Rings of Power, they are not permitted to use the Silmarillion as a source material. But again, there are still stories to cover in the appendices and untold stories scattered around in the books. 

“Lord of the Rings is one of the most iconic storytelling franchises of all time, and we’re so excited. Stay tuned for more to come on this front.”

– David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros Discovery (source)


Embracer Group and New Line Cinema (Warner Bros) have already signed a multi-year deal earlier this year to produce more Lord of the Rings movies, citing how lucrative the previous films have been. What the movies will be about is unclear as of now, as the process is in early talks, but the agreement that’s been signed gives us confidence that we will witness more majestic movies to rewatch throughout our years. 

It is also a bit of a relief to let Warner Bros be in charge of new Lord of the Rings adaptations as their track record is pretty good, with the minus points deducting from the production errors during the making of “The Hobbit” trilogy, although it didn’t turn out to be as bad as some claim. 

Of course, once you don’t know something, you speculate. That is something we love to do here in Fellowship of Fans, and here are some of our members -unhinged- ideas for the upcoming movies! (Please stand-by for Penguin’s spectacular entries in the end of the article, they deserve their own distinctive corner)



A spin off film based on The Angmar Wars seeing the breakdown of the three Kingdoms of Arnor and then Elrond and Glorfindel saving the day. 



Since Harry took the Angmar Wars (by far the best option, and the most plausible, I would say), I would pitch in with the Kinslaying. Story of civil war in Gondor, showing the destruction of Osgiliath, and finally the restoration of the Kingship. Or What about a culinary show? Gondor Cuisine?! “Discover the food of the Falas with your host, chef Ecthelion.”


Jaron Pak:

We really need a Young Aragorn movie. There’s so much packed into those pages …and they’re already doing what looks like a great job turning a similarly short summary into a feature film with the War of the Rohirrim. Maybe a follow up anime, even? The idea would double as a game, too — and be much more interesting than playing as Gollum wandering ME…



Star Foots: A New Dope. Nori feels the Force with the help of Old Toby.



I’d like to see Dain Ironfoot’s rise to prominence and making everything right for the dwarves. The eventual end of the film would be where we see him in the Hobbit films but with his weapon corrected to the right one.



A funny soap opera in the style of “How I Met Your Mother” starring Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield (i refuse to accept that he’s gone). They will keep remembering cuts from their adventures together from when they met and after that. It will set in them talking to little hobbit kids in Bilbo’s birthday party in a huge tent. 



How about a sports drama about a talented Orc underdog that is being seriously underestimated and undermined by Middle-earth’s greatest golfers, the Hobbits, plus an odd Elf or two. His best friend is a Dwarf that used be a huge star but he got hooked on the Longbottom leaf. or a War in the North movie following battles of Dale and Erebor and/or Glorfindel helping out Lothlorien and/or Mirkwood in their defenses.



What about Middle-earth got talent? Or High School Musical, but make it Imladris Academy or something (I mean they’ve to have a school or something). Also we need a Gandalf and old Took spin-off, I bet their meeting was interesting cause why else would Gandalf show up to Took’s birthday every year with fireworks!


* Penguin‘s Corner *

The Hangover meets Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. The hobbits are out to celebrate Sam’s upcoming wedding but lose Frodo after too much beer and long bottom. Swap out Mike Tyson for Tom Bombadil, and replace little Chinese gangster with Bill Ferny.


Middle-Earth meets Ocean’s Eleven – Elendil assembles a crack team of skilled individuals from various races to execute a daring heist at the Tower of Barad-dûr, aiming to steal Sauron’s most prized artifact, the One Ring.


The Fellowship of the Fast & Furious – A team of outcasts from Rohan and Gondor engage in thrilling high-speed horse races across Middle-Earth while trying to outrun a band of relentless Nazgûl – and form family bonds in the process


Beren & Luthien: Inception A team of skilled dream-weavers, led by Lúthien and Beren, ventures into the realms of Morgoth’s mind to plant an idea that will lead to his downfall and free Middle-Earth from his tyranny.

The Fall of Gondolin channelling 300 – Turgon and his mighty warriors defend the hidden city of Gondolin against the overwhelming forces of Morgoth, showcasing their bravery, skill , and leather underwear in epic battle sequences.


The Adventures of Tom Bombadil meets Forrest Gump. Tom Bombadil, a simple-hearted being, stumbles upon key moments in Middle-Earth’s history, unwittingly influencing the course of events while sharing his whimsical tales with various characters.


The Quest of the Silmaril via Indiana Jones – Beren & Luthien, an archaeologist and adventurer, embarks on a globetrotting quest to find the lost Silmaril gem, facing ancient traps, rival treasure hunters, and uncovering long-lost secrets of Middle-Earth.

Mad Max Fury Road meets Children of Hurin: Túrin, a hardened lone warrior, joins forces with a fierce group of outcasts and rebels as they embark on a dangerous journey through a desolate wasteland, confronting dark forces and seeking redemption. Also bangs his sister. Or… Children of Hurin via John Wick. Turin goes on a quest of vengeance for crimes against his family “I’ve seen him kill 20 orcs with a quil. A fucking quil!”- Orc Warboss Glarbog
Hardfoots: A story about love, lust, and foot fetishes. Starring:



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