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The Latest News & Impressions From ‘The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim’ Preview

Today, at Annecy Animation Film Festival the new WB animated LOTR movie “The War of the Rohirrim” was previewed to audiences and discussed by Phillipa Boyens, Kenji Kamiyama, Joseph Chou & Jason Demarco. this article will go through all the latest news shared during this panel alongside some reviews and first reactions so far.


Latest Updates


It was confirmed by Producer Jason Demarco on Twitter that the content shown won’t be released to the public and is just for the attendees of Annecy Film Festival.

In regards  to what was actually shown, there was no trailer but some work in progress footage, and then a montage of completed shots at the end.

Phillipa Boyens started the presentation off with “Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh asked me to send you their greetings”.

A description of what was shown to viewers follows

“There was a really early layout of what looked Ike the opening sequence: starting from a map fly through to a sequence with Hera on a horse with some great eagles. Then a talk scene in I assume Edoras with Hera talking about the shield Maidens.”

Intwined with this description it was confirmed that the lead of this movie will be Hera, the daughter of Helm Hammerhand being voiced by Gaia Wise. In the books Helm Hammerhand’s daughter remained unnamed so this name is a new addition to the film. Hera is “neither a distressed princess nor warrior” during the presentation.

In regards to the makeup of the film, it was summarised that a lot of Unreal and motion capture is being used to help figure out the shots. But no rotoscope is being used, it is only for reference. Then it is all getting the traditional anime treatment for the final look. This “traditional anime treatment” is something fans have positively reacted to.

However, FoF have heard reports from people that attended the film festival that the animation style of the War of the Rohirrim can be specifically compared to the animation style of the Vinland Saga and other Japanese anime produced by netflix.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1 Details: 'Vinland Saga' Season 2 Episode 1:  All you need to know - The Economic Times

The events of the War of the Rohirrim take place 260 years before the events of the Peter Jackson LOTR movies.


Initial Thoughts & Reactions


The initial reactions and feedback from the presentation have been generally positive with some mixed reactions. However, we have to also remember unfinished footage was primarily shown suggesting any thoughts at the minute is not built upon the final version of the footage.

I dry my wet eyes, I clean all these pages of notes and I tell you but #WarOfTheRohirrim is in very good hands. This is beautiful 2D from new drawings by John Howe and Alan Lee. It’s full Rohan and the story, based on three paragraphs, is led by a young woman, Hera, the daughter of Helm Hammerhand”

– @cloneweb on Twitter


“Just finished the work in progress talk for the new #LotR film #WaroftheRohirrim, and I have to say that the marriage between Lord of the Rings and #anime never looked so good! The world and characters looked very authentic. I can’t wait to see this in theaters next year.”

-@RyanGrobins on Twitter


“I saw the first images of the (Japanese) anime “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” To be honest, not particularly convinced for the moment, I was hoping for something else BUT we really find the style of PJ’s films and the sets seem successful”

-@MatteoSapin on Twitter


“Almost no doubt about the substance, spearheaded by Phillipa Boyens with concept art by John Howe/Alan Lee, input from Weta and Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh from afar. Remains to be convinced on the form, the extremely rough extracts do not allow to decide”

-@Pixel_bidou on Twitter


“Art-books, Chara-design and extracts enriched this exclusive presentation of the future “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” in the company of his team, including Kenji Kamiyama (director) and Philippa Boyens (screenwriter of the LOTR saga).”

@RafaelMotamayor on Twitter


FoF recieved this report from user Pixelo_790 on Twitter

“Hi, I was at the Annecy conference and visually it looks a lot like Vinland Saga and other Japanese anime produced by netflix. So it doesn’t look very good, I’m really disappointed, but I hope they’ll still manage to make something good.”


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