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The Rings of Power

New Location Revealed for The Rings of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

Mae govannen, Mellyn

Welcome back to our weekly appointment with the scoops about The Lord of  the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2. The main protagonist of the latest news is the Dark Lord himself, but this time in a “political” way. So, without wasting time, lets dive into the leaks, trying to analyze them as best as possibile.



New Sauron scoops for the Rings of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

  • Excl: PELARGIR is a location that will be visited in The Rings of Power season 2. Soldiers will arrive to Pelargir on boat, row to shore and be in the village streets in episode 8 of ‘The Rings of Power’ season 2.
  • Excl: At a human village (not confirmed yet whether also Pelargir) Halbrand will be giving big speeches to the human village inhabitants. He also gives a very big speech to humans in a forest which was filmed in Surrey.
  • EXCL: Actors also at this village during the speeches are Adar (Sam Hazeldine), Amelia Kenworthy and Zates Atour.
  • EXCL: However Amelia Kenworthy and Zates Yatour are said to NOT be human characters.
  • EXCL: Amelia Kenworthy did chemistry tests before filming with Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) and Sam Hazeldine (Adar)



Toughts and analysis

Well well… Pelargir, that is really interesting. We know from the books that Pelargir is the first real refuge of the faithful during the King’s Men domain, and the fact that soldiers will come there at the end of the season could possibly mean that Pharazon’s reign will begin by the end of the season. This scenario could therefore lead us to think that Elendil and Earien could leave the island at the end of the season, since Pharazon will make the hostilities towards the elves and the faithful even more heavy and difficult to handle.

But now let’s talk about Sauron. We know that in this second season the Dark Lord will keep, for most of the time, the shape of Halbrand. This allows him to approach men easily, and these big speeches that he will have in villages and forests could be the first seeds of his corruption. We also know that the other rings will also be forged in S2, and it is therefore possible that we will see some of them delivered to the various lords of Middle Earth. During the speech scene in the village there will also be Adar, and this could mean two things: the first is that the “Moriondor” will submit to the Dark Lord, or the two have come to an agreement, in some way. What is certain is that however skilled and experienced, Adar cant do nothing against Sauron’s power, and consequently, in my opinion, he will be his servant from this season.

We come to the third point of our analysis, which concerns the characters of Amelia Kenworthy and Zates Yatour. We know they will not be humans, so at this point the main hypothesis is that they are elves (certainly not dwarves or hobbits), but what are they doing there? They are probably trying to understand the plans of Sauron and Adar and gathering information about what happens in those lands. In any case, we don’t have enough material to be able to draw conclusions, but for sure these scenes will show us one of the most important sides of Sauron’s personality: the one that fascinates you, bewitches you and then dominates, and we can’t wait to see all this on the screen.

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