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Lord of the Rings Online 2022 Events Schedule And Letter From The Producer

Cordovan, the Community Manager for Lord of the Rings Online has recently released the 2022 calendar for their in-game events for the year. I did try to parse through and see if there was anything relevant to the Lord of the Rings on Prime Amazon series but it appears they aren’t any crossover events in this list. The entire list can be found below:

Event: Start Time: End Time:
Gundabad Geode Boost 1/6/22@10am 1/10/22@3am
+25% Crafting XP 1/13/22@10am 1/18/22@3am
+10% Lootbox Embers/Motes 1/20/22@10am 1/24/22@3am
+10% Virtue XP Boost 1/27/22@10am 1/31/22@3am
Hobnanigans 2/3/22@10am 2/7/22@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 2/10/22@10am 2/14/22@3am
+25% Lootbox Embers/Motes 2/17/22@10am 2/22/22@3am
VIP Event Boost 2/24/22@10am 2/28/22@3am
+25% Crafting XP 3/3/22@10am 3/7/22@3am
+25% XP Boost 3/10/22@10am 3/14/22@3am
Spring Festival 3/17/22@10am 4/6/22@3am
Hobnanigans 3/31/22@10am 4/4/22@3am
VIP Event Boost 4/7/22@10am 4/11/22@3am
+20% Virtue XP Boost 4/14/22@10am 4/19/22@3am
Anniversary Event 4/20/22@10am 5/11/22@3am
15-Year Anniversary Gift 4/20/22@10am 4/1/23@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 5/12/22@10am 5/16/22@3am
VIP Event Boost 5/19/22@10am 5/23/22@3am
Buried Treasure Event 5/25/22@10am 5/31/22@3am
Hobnanigans 6/2/22@10am 6/6/22@3am
+10% Lootbox Embers/Motes 6/9/22@10am 6/13/22@3am
Midsummer Festival 6/16/22@10am 7/11/22@3am
+10% Virtue XP 7/14/22@10am 7/18/22@3am
Treasure Bugan Event 7/21/22@10am 7/26/22@3am
+25% XP Boost 7/28/22@10am 8/1/22@3am
Hobnanigans 8/4/22@10am 8/8/22@10am
Farmer’s Faire 8/9/22@10am 8/30/22@3am
VIP Event Boost 9/1/22@10am 9/6/22@3am
+25% Crafting XP 9/8/22@10am 9/12/22@3am
Tales of the Shipwrecked Mariner 9/15/22@10am 9/20/22@3am
Bilbo’s Birthday 9/21/22@10am 9/27/22@3am
Buried Treasure Event 9/29/22@10am 10/4/22@3am
Hobnanigans 10/6/22@10am 10/10/22@3am
Harvestmath Festival 10/12/22@10am 11/2/22@3am
Durin’s Day Event 10/15/22@10am 10/21/22@3am
+25% Crafting XP 11/3/22@10am 11/7/22@3am
+10% Lootbox Embers/Motes 11/10/22@10am 11/14/22@3am
+10% Virtue XP Boost 11/17/22@10am 11/21/22@3am
VIP Event Boost 11/23/22@10am 11/28/22@3am
Hobnanigans 12/1/22@10am 12/5/22@3am
Yuletide Festival 12/8/22@10am 1/3/23@3am

All times are in EST.

Source: Click Me!

Now, as far as the Letter from the Producer, that can be found here.  While we won’t go over the whole thing here there were a few things we wished to point out:

First, we’re adding a new area: the northern region known as the Yondershire, a sparsely populated region of moor, thicket, and fen that has long been home to Hobbit recluses and troublemakers.

Second, we’re bringing back the Anniversary Festival, and we’re adding a whole new festival instance, A Flurry of Fireworks! You’ve been asked to aid with the greatest fireworks display that Bree-land has ever seen. Setting up for the fireworks, things have gotten behind schedule and dusk is fast approaching. You must help keep everyone on task and deliver their fireworks to the proper locations on time! And if you’re looking for a bit more, we’ve got an exciting gift to share with everyone, but we’ll have more info about that when we get closer to our 15th Anniversary.

Third, we’re making some updates to VIP. Some of the smaller changes will stay under wraps for now, but I’m excited to inform you that VIP will now include the standard versions of the Mordor, Minas Morgul, and War of Three Peaks expansions. You may be wondering, why only those expansions? Well, that brings me to my next announcement.

Fourth, and long requested, we’re making some big changes to the LOTRO Store. You’ve seen some of the first changes we made a month ago with the release of Rangers and Ruins, which brought the Premium Wallet, Gold Currency Cap, and Virtue, Race, and Class trait slots for free to all players! Starting with Update 33, we’re making the High Elf race free for all players. Now everyone can play as those who beheld the beauty of Valinor, and play as a Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden, or Brawler through all of Middle-earth!

As if this wasn’t enough major upcoming content and changes they then dropped this bomb:

Rune-keepers, Wardens, and Beornings will now be available for all players to play!

And then they hit us with the Apple “And one more thing…” moment:

Finally, there’s another change that’s perhaps the biggest we’ve made since The Lord of the Rings: Online went free to play all those years ago… With this update, all quests, areas, instances, and expansions released between the original launch of LOTRO back in 2007 and up to – and including! – the release of Helm’s Deep will be available for free to everyone. Quest, explore, and craft your way to level 95 to your heart’s content!

This is an insane amount of updates for a MMORPG as old as this one is. The team is putting in a lot of work into the game to make it friendlier for both new players and free to play players. If you guys play the game let us know in the comments!

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