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Exclusive: Orcs Are Back On The Menu + Social Shout Outs

EXCLUSIVE: Everyone seems to believe Orcs are extinct and were all destroyed in the First Age. When Bronwyn’s village finds out that Orcs are back on the menu, boys, its a pretty big shock!

EXCLUSIVE: Just like in the Hobbit and LOTR, there will be an important Orc character with lines and a story arc. He will be one of Adar’s Commanders. He is said to look incredibly similar to this orc from LOTR:

EXCLUSIVE: There are 2 different types of Orcs. Some Orcs were much stronger and bigger than the second set of Orcs who were smaller and acted as scouts.

EXCLUSIVE: In one of the scenes when Orcs are originally scouting the village, the effects of the sun weigh on the orcs with some getting burnt.

Also, during the video we wanted to shout out some members of our community for good behavior and activity. See below if you made the list!

Barliman Butterbur
Cirdan the Simpwright
James Aron
Kieran Curran
Steve Saddler
rukia’s bankai
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