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New Middle-earth Games?


A new string of leaks has pointed us in the direction of some new interesting information around video games rights as it pertains to Middle-earth. Check out the images below.

A redditor that goes by LongJonSilver who is a part of the subreddit LeaksAndRumors shared these to the LOTR_on_Prime subreddit earlier today. We will take some time to gather our thoughts and speculate on what this could mean in one of our next videos!


Varking Runesong
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I'm Varking! I was introduced to Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien, as a whole, by my father when I was really young. He read them to me but I didn't really understand them at the time due to being so young. As I got older I had to read them for school and everything clicked and I fell in love with Middle-earth. Most of you that recognize me probably do from the LOTR_on_Prime subreddit or FoF streams but I also have a podcast called Green Lanterns Podcast and it’s available on all platforms.

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