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Sauron Scoops For The Rings of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

Hi guys, and welcome back to our weekly appointment with the Rings of Power leaks. Today is a great day, because the BIG scoops that we are going to discuss concerns one of the most important character in the Tolkien universe: his majesty Sauron. Without wasting any more time, lets dive into the latest news.



Exclusive: New huge leaks and scoops about Sauron in The Rings of Power Season 2

  • EXCL: A new actor will play the “Original Form Sauron” Character in the later episodes of The Rings of Power Season 2, not Charlie Vickers.
  • EXCL: His character has been described as “Angelic” and “beautiful” in his design with a black and gold costume colour palette and long black hair.
  • EXCL: Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) has spent most of his time on the Mordor sets and is clean shaven but his character design and makeup has a “fiery” and “ashy” look to it.
  • EXCL: Costume designer Luca Mosca who joined midway through season 1 is the main costume designer for the Rings of Power season 2.



Thoughts and speculations about the leaks

Well, this is very huge. In the last months the showrunners have revealed that Sauron will have multiple forms in the Season 2 of the show, but these new scoops let us know that we are going to see the true and original Annatar form. In the books Tolkien wrote that the Dark Lord had diverse type of forms, not just animals and elves, but human transformations too, and this makes the “Halbrand form” very close to the books. The Season one too gave us a lot of hints about the fact that the real Sauron form is not Halbrand, especially when Adar doesn’t recognize him as the Dark Lord. So, the show just needs time to explain everything and shine, and im sure that a lot of you are very excited to see the true Annatar form.

Now, Talking about the aesthetic of Sauron, everything on these leaks makes sense. “Angelic” and “Beautiful” are the perfect adjectives to describe the Lord of Gifts, and now we are very curios to know who will potray this “original Sauron” form. The choice to dress him in black and gold is wonderful, because is a combination that most of the time is associated to evil and nobless, and often gives a “divine like” impact to the spectators. Black and long hair? Hell yes! This will make him very similar to the Noldor, and this characteristic will help a lot in his deceives.

Finally, who is Luca Mosca? He is an actor and costume designer known especially for the Jon Wick’s Saga. He has worked in the second half of the Season One of the show, and for the next season will be the main costume desiger of the show.

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