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Sauron Actor Revealed For The Rings of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

Dear friends of Fellowship of Fans, we are back with a bang today, but before we start I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas. For us it was an important and extremely satisfying year. We managed to bring you a lot of very important news, such as the reveals of Celeborn and Narvi, or the presence of Shelob on the show, up to some magnificent details on the Battle of Eregion that will arrive at the end of the season.

We wanted to close the year with a bang, and, specifically, with scoops concerning one of the most anticipated characters of the second season: Sauron in his Original Form.

Major Original Form Sauron scoops for The Rings of Power Season 2

EXCLUSIVE: Gavi Singh Chera will play ‘SAURON’ in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER Season 2. 

EXCLUSIVE: He will play the original form version of the character which is meant to be “angelic” and “ethereal” per sources.

EXCLUSIVE: In flashback scenes “Original Form Sauron” (Gavi Singh Chera) will have long hair, in present day scenes in Eregion he apparently has shorter hair. 

Can also finally confirm (Dr Nosy Report) that “Annatar” is a character name listed for The Rings Of Power
Season 2. Though NO CONFIRMATION or evidence yet as to whether: Original Form Gavi = Annatar

As was expected most of the Rings of Power will be forged in Season 2 in Celebrimbor’s Tower and given by Sauron to different races. Unconfirmed as to which form will be distributing the rings.

All we know about Gavi’s form of Sauron so far:
– In episode 7-8 of S2 he will be in region and share scenes with Celebrimbor
– He will be on the battle sets aka the Sacking of Eregion and will be in black and golden armour
– He will appear in a flashback scene and has filmed a fight scene with Adar
– There is a very important scene between him, Celeborn an Galadriel

Promotional photos of characters in costume were taken during the filming of season 2 and edited

Season 2 is still scheduled for Fall 2024

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