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Assessing the Latest 4chan & TORn Rumours For the Rings of Power Season 2

At the start of this month, an anonymous user on 4chan released an information dump around the Rings of Power Season 2 and so did a Reddit user who posted to on r/LOTR_on_Prime and r/Rings_of_Power. This information was then re reported in a recent TheOneRing.net (TORn) article with them also stating they had heard some of this stuff and can validate about 40% of the information.

This article will be looking at all the information released and indicating whether it is true or not. But from the get go, something that is not surprising is that a lot of the 4chan rumours are false. The way we can confirm and deny this information is through our already known previous knowledge of season 2 from sources alongside new information given to us validating our conclusions even further. Though we cannot publicly reveal our sources, we will try and find the best way to explain if a bit of information is not true through the context of the plot and story for season 2.

The 4chan & Torn reports

  1. The Silmarillion has not been sold to Amazon (many already knew this to be the case) and Amazon instead have a relationship with the Tolkien Estate and Embracer (MEE) whereby they can get special access to certain pages and extracts from the Silmarillion. Though these special requests need to be approved and also run by Embracer who have first rights to the Silmarillion. This process has been admittedly quite healthy and successful for all parties.
  2. There will be no solo backstory episodes around horses and Shadowfax with little dialogue. Sauron is in all episodes of season 2 alongside a few other characters as well which wouldn’t be involved in a Shadowfax backstory- therefore showing how there can’t be a solo backstory episode.
  3. The Sauron form in the first few episodes and backstory segment is Charlie Vickers NOT another Mairon form, the 4chan and TORn report state otherwise.
  4. Sauron does not have a kid that will be shown in season 2
  5. There is not an evil Celebrian in season 2
  6. Tom Bombadil is not Morgoth. That is not ruling out the involvement of Tom Bombadil in season 2 but the fact that he is being played by the same actor as Morgoth, ruling out the ridiculous “fan theory”.
  7.  The Music of the Ainur section though sounding exciting is not going to be depicted in the Rings of Power Season 2.
  • Though from the 4chan/TORn report it is true that Sauron will spend an episode in the Dwarven kingdom of Khazad-dûm, as of right now there is no confirmation yet on whether he mentions Aule (TBD)
  • The One Ring being forged before the end of the season tracks but unconfirmed as to which episode (TBD)

Now for the TORn reports.

The big one there revolves around:

“Sauron will try to deceive Galadriel again by taking the persona of Celeborn. Sauron sneaks back into Eregion as Celeborn.”

At this point this is still a 50/50 scenario as we have also heard these rumours from sources close to the production BUT have also heard conflicting rumours stating that this is not true/ and is a fake plotline and leak within the production. This is a similar situation to how we heard information around “Adar is Galadriel’s brother” during the production of season 1 which ended up being a fake rumour on set. So in the fear of it being a fake leak to catch out certain crew we held back from releasing it to protect those crew members and because it would be too big of a moment to spoil *if true*.

Also it is important to clarify that ep 6-7 will not just be battle and include other storylines as well.

It is correct that Simon Tolkien is quite involved with the project, but more so in the earlier stages of the show.


One of the biggest arguments in support of the 4chan leaks is that there were a lot of correct 4chan leaks for The Rings of Power season 1. Yes, this was the case (even though there were plenty incorrect ones) but the correct 4chan leaks came mainly AFTER editing had finished and dialogue/ scripts had been translated/narrated in over 50 different languages, sent for test screenings etc. Once a show nears the end of its editing period there are multiple variables as mentioned above which are hard for a production company and studio to control, which then allows the leaks to begin. So far for season 2 editing hasn’t even finished yet and is still a few months away from completion alongside not even being fully narrated into different languages alongside scoring recording sessions not beginning yet. So it would be really hard and UNLIKELY at this point to get leaks on 4chan in this depth and description such as the line “The One has blessed me more so than all of you to see the potential of His creations, and what better way to forge their mettle than by allowing them to face Melkor’s discord and grow beyond what they think capable!” being quoted verbatim. These types of 4chan leaks similar to season 1 would probably start coming a few months down the line and closer to release.

Aside from that reasoning, the Rings of Power season 2 is packed with loads of new characters, places, storylines etc and season 2 picks up with a much faster pace so there wouldn’t be enough time for these further strange plot points and moments to be included. Despite fears of delay, The Rings of Power Season 2 is still scheduled for the second half of 2o24.

Leaking and releasing leaks, rumours and scoops is a fun game to many including us and we would never stop or hinder sites, forums, fan pages or outlets

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