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Gavi Singh Chera Sauron Form Art and Community Creations

Alongside this reveal we reached out again to many talented artists to have the first attempt to have a take on the Gavi Singh Chera ‘Original Form Sauron’ directed by some internal guidance and suggestions provided to make it as similar to the show version we should see next year. Each artist took on a different version of the character as because obviously Sauron is a shapeshifter and will be looking a bit different in the different locations we will see him in Season 2.

EXCLUSIVE: In flashback scenes “Original Form Sauron” (Gavi Singh Chera) will have long hair, in present day scenes in Eregion he apparently has shorter hair.

Robyn (@burdettvi on Twitter)

Robyn wonderfully drew how the Gavi Singh Chera Original Sauron form when he will be in Eregion from 7-8 in his black and gold costume/ robe which is meant to look very “regal” according to sources as if a lord had entered the kingdom. Gavi’s hair is shorter here as in present day scenes it will be, though we don’t know exactly how much shorter so this was an attempt showing a midway scenario.

Ali Greene (@AliL490 on Twitter)

Ali also wonderfully depicted the Gavi Singh Chera form of Sauron but him in his “black and gold” armour that we reported earlier in the year. We should see this armour on battle sets during the sack of Eregion and in a flashback scene too!

Stickybeebae on Instagram

Stickybeebae (discord user bentula-lenta) also drew the Gavi Singh Chera original form Sauron character as he would be seen in Eregion in the later episodes but with a full body view of the costume and character further showcasing the black and gold costume.

We also collaborated with cosplayer EbonyWarriorStudios to cosplay as the Original form version of Sauron and the final results will be shown in the near future!

Please make sure to check out all these amazing artists and support them, everyone here at Fellowship of Fans love working with the Tolkien community alongside these big reveals, firstly because of the excitement but also to promote many talented community members.

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