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Favorites Characters of Our Fellowship!

This article has been compiled from our entry for #TolkienTrewsday #TolkienTuesday (themed “favourite Tolkien character”) on Twitter

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost”

Aragorn AKA Strider – Brother Captain King
My favorite since the moment he popped up in Bree, when the 7-year-old me was first reading the books.
A hero we all want to be, and while we all may be somewhat lost, and such an ideal is not attainable, to strive towards it is already heroic enough.
– Strajder



My favorite character is Aragorn. It’s cliche. Predictable. You name it. But I have to pick him, all the same. He’s the most honorable character in the entire story. On page and on-screen, he stands out as the perfect servant leader who holds power in one hand and mercy in the other. He leads with grace and puts others before him. He’s got my vote …not that it counts for much in Gondor. [Artwork by Kip Rasmussen]
– Jaron Pak




My favourite character is Finrod Felagund the golden haired elf who was full of honour and courage and who’s deeds set the tone in Middle-earth for what traits a character and hero should encompass. [Artwork by Elena Kukanova]




My favorite character is Dain Ironfoot. Powerful warrior, great leader, and an honorable dwarf of his word. Righted many wrongs. Also, looks like a total badass.  




My favourite character is Barliman Butterbur, because like me his memory is awful. “One thing drives out another”. He is a kindhearted, pure soul that also like me, just wants to spend his days doing the mundane. I aspire to live his Middle-Earth.

–  Henry





Though, it might come as a surprise, Celeborn is actually not my favorite Tolkien character. Instead, it’s the greatest wizard to ever be put to paper: Gandalf the Grey… or the White… or Olorin—or whatever you want to call him. He’s special to me because of the presence he brings. He acts as the knowledgeable grandfather, inherent leader, and all-powerful sorcerer to every group he’s a part of, and yet, he shares moments of regret, doubt, and pain throughout all of the stories he’s in. He’s an Angel, but he isn’t infallible—he’s human, just like the rest of us. And I find that great sense of humanity to be both admirable and relatable.





I was used to not seeing myself in fantasy characters, even when reading books with female main characters, until I found Eowyn. Imo she captures that desire to be seen as your own person and not just a woman that takes a man’s job and that’s why I love her so much!




“A sword rang as it was drawn. ‘Do what you will, but I will hinder it, if I may.'”

My favorite Tolkien character is the epitome of the Eorlingas: Éowyn, the Lady of Rohan. [Art by Ted Nasmith]




My favorite character is *surprisingly* Bilbo Baggins. I relate to him as he goes out of his comfort zone to find an another layer of his own personality. I also love that he’s such a helpful soul as he goes out his way to help stranger dwarfs, and before that adopts his nephew.


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Proode Baggins

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