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EXCL: More ‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2 Set Photos (New Location)

We have obtained images and videos from a new set for The Rings of Power Season 2 at Bovingdon Airfield Studios near Chesham, England. Filming has been happening here for months as there is also massive sound stages and studio sets at Bovingdon Airfield.

This massive new set built outside, is an entirely new location for season 2 and is not even complete yet. It has taken 4 months to build and only yesterday there were trucks of fake trees being transported onto this set.

To eyewitnesses and as seen in the video below, this set is quite big and isn’t even finished yet as there will still be building to the left. Also, not all of this fort is seen in the pictures and videos shown. Some complained in season 1 that some of the outdoor sets such as the Southlands sets were quite small with about 4-5 spaced huts. Through these pictures at the back you can see a circling outer village or fort wall with some old rubble and broken down stone buildings but interestingly more newer looking huts and houses with the thatched roofs. There is also a river or moat going through the village/ settlement at the front indicating it could potentially be a coastal town.

All we know at the minute is that this is a new location from season 2 and not associated with the Southlands. We also know that this is the biggest set at Bovingdon Airfield and possibly one of the biggest built sets for Season 2 alogside the Numenor ones. In regards to what this place is, one possibility could be Pelargir which was name dropped by Queen Regent Miriel in season 1 and could be the potential location where Brownyn and co may travel to.

Let us know which Middle-earth location you think this could be!

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