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Charlotte Brändström on The Rings of Power S2: “More violent and dramatic”

After her highly acclaimed debut in the first season of The Rings of Power, the french/swedish director Charlotte Brändström is ready to take the stage again in the S2 of the show, which, according to her, promises to be “darker and dramatic”. The director recently gave an interesting interview for Deadline, in which she talked about how the next season of the show will evolve in terms of tone.




Charlotte Brändström words on S2 of The Rings of Power

“It’s carrying on certain things. We still have Mordor. We still have a world that is the same as in Season 1. Other worlds are newer. Things are changing, and obviously the landscape is changing, too, because we are now [shooting] in England and not in New Zealand. But there’s more sets, and there were a lot of the sets that you built that have been brought over here, that we’re just building [onto] and adding.”

“You know the characters, so it becomes darker and more dramatic, I think. It’s probably a bit more violent, and then I have big battlefields. But like in New Zealand, just rain and mud, and lights and torches, and everything that we established together.”

“You just try to continue as well as you can with what you have, and what I love about this show is that it’s really about character. It’s grounded and it’s organic, and there’s no magic that is not justified. There’s no weird light effects, but the magic comes from the sky, from the wind, from the ashes, from the fire. And we continued with the sort of lighting we established in Season 1, as well.”

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