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The Rings of Power Season 2

Rhun & The Stranger Scoops For The Rings Of Power Season 2

Good evening Mellyn,

We are finally back with scoops for The Rings of Power Season 2, after more than a month since the last release. In the last episode we talked about Gavi Singh Chera, who will be one of the faces of Sauron in the series, but today we’re going to brush up on a character who brought mystery and many interesting quotes in the first season: The Stranger.

Here are this week’s scoops



The Rings of Power Season 2: new Major Scoops about “The Stranger” and Nori Brandyfoot

Excl: When the Stranger and Nori travel East they will encounter a “Wizard” that will help train The Stranger improving his abilities and magic making him very powerful. It is unsure yet whether this ‘Wizard’ is one of the Istari or just another ‘magical’ character.

Excl: For Rhun Amazon got special permission and access to two texts outside of the Appendices- one being from the Unfinished Tales around the Istari and consequently access to use all 5 wizards if needed. The other text they got access to is where Tolkien mentioned some of the Istari being around in the Second Age and travelling East.

Excl: “Mumakhils/ Oliphaunts are creatures internally listed in the production for #TheRingsOfPower Season 2

Excl: The Stranger is being built up to be a future major rival and enemy against Sauron in future seasons. This season is where he will learn and improve his abilities.

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