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Addressing The Conflicting Rumours and Misinformation Around The Rings Of Power Season 2

This article includes heavy spoilers around Season 2 of The Rings of Power. After we originally announced in February that there is a lot of misinformation being spread by certain crew members of the Rings of Power Season 2 to leakers, we then confirmed that one of these was us getting Gavi Singh Chera as Sauron wrong (who actually plays a Harfoot via Redanian Intelligence).

But after our release of Gavi Singh Chera being wrong and misinformation being released, there was an array of leaks and rumours around The Rings of Power Season 2 by different outlets and pages and the simple answer is (as expected) a lot is wrong. Further evidence about the misinformation being spread to confuse and get feelers out about multiple forms of Sauron in the publics eye that we reported in the follow up.

So yes, a lot of differing information (us included) and that includes the involvement and role of Calam Lynch, Celeborn disguised as Sauron (Fakeleborn), multiple versions of Sauron, multiple endings recorded etc. All sources for the scoops listed will be sourced via hyperlink. We will now go through a chronological timeline of it all starting from the beginning.


Chronological Timeline of Leaks with Updates

So after the ending of Season 1, the first to report on the involvement of Celeborn in Season 2 was Dr Nosy who confirmed the codename of “Jove”, and that he has been cast and that he is in season 2. Though the codename is correct, that is for a name drop and he has not been cast yet despite Narvi and Cirdan having been cast.

Dr Nosy then reported that “Sylas C” is the codename for Annatar. This is correct, Annatar is a listed codename for season 2 as mentioned in our previous report, but how it will be used is unconfirmed.

Moving on down the timeline, the next confirmation was from FoF where we reported that Calam Lynch would play Celeborn. Our strongest source was an unnamed Hollywood agent who stated he was “the husband of Galadriel”, but this ended up being wrong.

Next up is a report from TORn who reported multiple times that there will be 3 forms of Sauron with one of them being Calam Lynch. There are only 2 forms of Sauron in Season 2.

In the same report they reported that Sauron poses as Celeborn to get into Eregion, aka the Fakeleborn theory. This is not true, Sauron doesn’t pose as Celeborn *at any point*.

FoF then reported that there will be 2 versions of Sauron in Season 2 with one being the Original Form Sauron. The 2 Sauron forms in season 2 are Charlie Vickers (Sauron) and Original Form Sauron (Actor Unknown). Charlie Vickers also filmed for parts of November & December and then 2 weeks in January and 3 weeks in February and 2 weeks in March.

After we reported that Gavi Singh Chera is not playing Sauron, @RingsofPowerEra reported the next day that there is no Celeborn in Season 2- which is correct. But then reported that Calam Lynch plays the other “angelic” form of Sauron and then reported the characters costume design. As with the caveat with all reports, Calam Lynch isn’t playing any form of Sauron. He plays an unknown role in season 2 and didn’t film that much- 2/3 weeks in December and then the last week of May. There is some speculation to his role though that is cited later on in the article.

Then Redanian reported and substantiated a few reports from different outlets, firstly (FoF) report that Calam Lynch is Celeborn, also that Calam Lynch is Sauron (RingsofPowerEra)- effectively a dual role. Then that there will be Sauron posed as Celeborn (Torn) and that there were multiple endings filmed between Calam Lynch as Sauron and Galadriel. None of these endings are true and there weren’t multiple endings filmed for editors to choose from, nor is Calam Lynch Celeborn or Sauron.



Celeborn isn’t in Season 2 of The Rings of Power [Dr Nosy]

Calam Lynch doesn’t play Celeborn [FoF]

Calam Lynch doesn’t play any form of Sauron either [RingsofPowerEra] [TORN]

Calam Lynch’s role is unknown but very small

Calam Lynch doesn’t play Anarion either despite popular speculation

Sauron will not be disguised as Celeborn in Eregion. He doesn’t appear as Celeborn at any point. [Redanian, TORN]

There are not multiple versions of the ending of Season 2 for editors to choose from [Redanian]

There is no version of Sauron disguised as Celeborn that was recorded at any point and not used in an edit [Redanian]

Charlie Vickers plays the present day Sauron form as he has been spotted on the Human village, Mordor, Orc Tunnels, Pelargir and Eregion sets.

Original form Sauron is earlier in the season and so far only in the flashblack fight scene with Adar as far as our knowledge [FoF]

Only 2 forms of Sauron not 3 [TORN]

Charlie Vickers and the Original form Sauron have both filmed fight scenes with Adar but they are both separate and not part of the same sequence [FoF]

Calam Lynch doesn’t play Annatar



The scene originally reported between Sauron, Galadriel Celeborn on the battle sets is between Sauron (Charlie Vickers), Galadriel and another unconfirmed character, near the end of the season.

The reason why us and other pages/ accounts thought i) Celeborn is in Season 2, ii) Calam Lynch is Celeborn iii) Calam Lynch is Sauron is because  Calam Lynch’s character in season 2 is in some way involved in the storyline that includes the Selina Lo elf character and Oliver Wilson’s character- *All this information is from one source so as of right now is unconfirmed and take with a grain of salt*.

All that’s known about this storyline is that Selina Lo is apart of the battle charge in Eregion.

The Sauron reported form in black and gold on the battle sets is Charlie Vickers

It is unknown who is playing Original Form Sauron and he has only been spotted in the flashback scenes filmed with Sam Hazeldine which we reported earlier last year. Therefore, assuming that the original form Sauron form is not a big part of the season and instead limited to the earlier episodes/ flashbacks.

The TSAS episode that was focused on Original Form Sauron and had scoops such as:

Excl: The ‘Original Form Sauron’ character has also been on the Eregion battle sets and in black and gold tinted battle armour

Here the form of Sauron is actually Charlie Vickers and not the Original Form Sauron, we mistakingly got them swapped.

Here is some very early concept art of the Original Form Sauron character:


In conclusion, this report signposts the end of the leaking/ rumour/ scooping period of Season 2 for The Rings of Power with more official information coming around the corner. It was a crazy, wild and spontaneous period and even if stuff ended up being wrong, it is good that it all came out and got clarified before the start of season 2 (unlike most shows) and that people in the community still had things to talk about while Amazon went silent for nearly a year and a half.

For reflection on FoF’s side, we believe that our *STORY* scoops will still stand up and be correct going into season 2, it’s just that the reporting over actor- character casting confirmations has been wrong and going into season 3 we won’t be doing any actor- character confirmations and instead stick to what we do best, story scoops.

But just like Gavi Singh Chera scoop, we apologise for getting this wrong and we know many will be sad- and so are we as well. The same sources that were always reliable for season 1 and giving us exclusive news of stuff like the character Adar, Isildur is in the show, Meteor Man/ The Stranger and the role of Halbrand were some of the same people who also heard about Calam Lynch is Celeborn, which is why we ultimately got tricked too and again apologise.

FoF Story Scoops we are Confident in

All story scoops from the Second Age Show:


  • EXCLUSIVE: New elven character called Calenwë played by Jamie Bisping
  • EXCL: Since the return of shooting for season 2 one of the main aspects of filming has been the Mordor scenes with the Orc tunnel set being one of the largest outdoor sets.
  • EXCL: In season 2 we will meet a new elven character called Mirdania a female protagonist.
  • EXCL: In season 2 we will be meeting a new female human called Diarmid who’s code name  is “Quenn”
  • EXCL:William Chubb will play a priest of numenor possibly named Lord Belzagar
  • EXCL:‘Telperien Bay’ is a location in season 2
  • EXCL:Narvi is a dwarven character in season 2.
  • EXCL: We can confirm previous reports that there will be 2 different Sauron characters in The Rings of Power Season 2. However, it is not confirmed yet whether there will be a new actor or if Charlie Vickers will play both roles.
  • EXCL: Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) has shared scenes with Sam Hazeldine (New Adar) during the early periods of filming of season 2.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Young Shelob is a character listed for The Rings of Power Season 2
  • EXCL: Galadriel will get captured by Adar and the Orcs at some point in The Rings of Power Season 2”
  • EXCL: Actors Benjamin Walker (Gil-galad), Charles Edwards (Celebrimbor) and Selina Lo have spent a lot of time on the Eregion/ Elven sets at Bray Studios.
  • EXCL: Elrond will lead an army in the Rings of Power Season 2 battle scenes.
  • EXCL: Actors present at the battle sets at Shotresbrooke park include Robert Aramayo (Elrond) Ben Walker (Gil-Galad), Sam Hazeldine (Adar) and Morfydd Clark (Galadriel)
  • EXCL: For the first week and a half of recording at Shottesbrooke park, many of the battle scenes were filmed during the day not at night.
  • EXCL: One of the battles in the second season will involve Elrond and the elves trying to free Galadriel from the control of Adar and the orcs.
  • EXCL: Gil Galad rides up and speaks to the orcs before battle
  • A new actor will play the “Original Form Sauron” Charactar in The Rings of Power Season 2, not Charlie Vickers. This character has been described as “Angelic” and “beautiful” in his design.
  • EXCL: Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) has spent most of his time on the Mordor sets and is clean shaven but his character design and makeup has a “fiery” and “ashy” look to it.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Eldon will play Narvi in The Rings of Power Season 2.
  • Excl: We will see the creation of the Doors of Durin in Season 2
  • Excl: Adar will have a new Orc Commander called “Laz” in #TheRingsOfPower Season 2 who is seen as Adar’s ‘right hand man’
  • Excl: There will be a cool battle moment between Adar (Sam Hazeldine) Elrond (Robert Aramayo), Laz (Orc) and a working trebuchet.
  • Excl: Galadriel will face off against a “Berserker Orc” which is said to be massive and almost 2 foot tall. A similar comparison was made to the Giant Infected creature in episode 5 of ‘The Last of Us’.
  • Excl: Charlotte Brandstrom is the director of episode 7 but Vic Armstrong (from season 1) is the second unit director who helped film most of the battle scenes that will take up the majority of the episode.
  • Excl: Elven soldiers will row to shore and land at Pelargir and be in the village streets in episode 8 of ‘The Rings of Power’ season 2.
  • Excl: At a human village (not confirmed yet whether also Pelargir) Halbrand will be giving big speeches to the human village inhabitants. He also gives a very big speech to humans in a forest which was filmed in Surrey.
  • EXCL: Actors also at this village during the speeches are Adar (Sam Hazeldine), Amelia Kenworthy and Zates Atour.
  • EXCL: However Amelia Kenworthy and Zates Yatour are said to NOT be human characters.
  • EXCL: Amelia Kenworthy did chemistry tests before filming with Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) and Sam Hazeldine (Adar)
  • EXCLUSIVE: “‘RIVENDELL/ IMLADRIS’ is a location & term internally listed in the production of ‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2 . Though this production listing can range from just a dialogue mention of the location, teaser or seeing the location itself on screen.
  • Excl: Excl: Oliver- Alvin Wilson will play an character codenamed “Tarda” in The Rings Of Power Season 2. He has shared scenes with Morfydd Clark, Calam Lynch, Selina Lo and Charles Edwards
  • Excl: Elven Soldiers in battle/ army formation will leave Lindon in episode 4 of The Rings of Power Season 2.
  • Excl: The elven battle armour in season 2 is full silver armour with massive shields nearly the size of their backs with a silver helmet which has a long crest on it’s top. Most elven soldiers have long hair. The horses are also padded in the similar silver colour armour.
  • Excl: The initial timeframe for The Rings of Power Season 2 to be completed is June 2024 (subject to change depending on post- production). For context, The Rings of Power Season 1 was completed in May 2022 and released September 2nd 2022.
  • Excl: The Showrunners especially chose to be on set the same day as when both Sauron actors Charlie Vickers (Halbrand) & (Original form Sauron) were on the same set. Though it is unknown whether they were in the exact same scene. Important scenes were filmed this day. This scene was filmed before the WGA Writer’s Strike
  • Excl: Círdan the Shipwright will appear in episode 1 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2.
  • Exclusive: Tensions are really high in Numenor throughout season 2 resulting in a major disaster happening in the capital city near the end stemmed from the Faithful Vs Kingsmen dilemma. (Not the Downfall of Numenor)
  • Excl: In a pivotal moment in episode 5 Elendil will hastily leave the capital city of Numenor and ride away on his horse. He is described as looking “haggard”. This scene is meant to be “impressionistic” and presented as such on screen.
  • Excl: In the now updated edited 8- episode cut for The Rings of Power season 2 there have been more Numenor scenes included than before.
  • Excl: Amelia Kenworthy will play an evil ally to Halbrand in The Rings of Power Season 2 and also in some scenes wear a robe similar to Halbrand’s from Season 1.
  • Excl: Charlie Vickers has been rehearsing from a lot of dictator speeches for the Rings of Power season 2. This is due to the fact he will be giving many serious speeches to the villagers of human settlements.
  • EXCLUSIVE: During the sack of Eregion Galadriel will be in the city trying to help save the Elven residents and get them to safety before the city is overrun.
  • Excl: On the battlefield Galadriel is locked in a cage. There is a scene where she is being poked with an orcs spear and it draws blood which runs down her neck.
  • EXCL: Elrond alongside an army will try and help save Galadriel from imprisonment by the Orcs and Adar. During this effort he gets into a 1 v 1 fight with Adar who at one point grabs him by the neck and throws him to the floor.
  • EXCL: (Morfydd Clark) Galadriel was on set at the same time and in scenes with Calam Lynch, Robert Aramayo (Elrond) Selina Lo (Elf) quite a lot.
  • EXCLUSIVE: When the Stranger and Nori travel East they will encounter a “Wizard” that will help train The Stranger improving his abilities and magic making him very powerful. It is unsure yet whether this ‘Wizard’ is one of the Istari or just another ‘magical’ character.
  • Excl: For Rhun Amazon got special permission and access to two texts outside of the Appendices- one being from the Unfinished Tales around the Istari and consequently access to use all 5 wizards if needed. The other text they got access to is where Tolkien mentioned some of the Istari being around in the Second Age and travelling East.
  • Excl: “Mumakhils/ Oliphaunts are creatures internally listed in the production for #TheRingsOfPower Season 2
  • Excl: The Stranger is being built up to be a future major rival and enemy against Sauron in future seasons. This season is where he will learn and improve his abilities.
  • Excl: As was expected most of the Rings of Power will be forged in Season 2 in Celebrimbor’s tower and given by Sauron to different races. Unconfirmed as to which form will be distributing the rings.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Arondir will be present at the 2- episode battle in The Rings of Power Season 2 alongside Elrond whilst fighting Adar’s Army
  • Excl: Nia Towle will play a human character named “Estrid” in The Rings of Power season 2
  • Excl: Arondir, Isildur and Estrid will be in the same plot line and share scenes together for some of the season.
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