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Production Members of The Rings of Power Season 2 “Testing the Waters & Publics Reaction” to Multiple Forms of Sauron

As mentioned in our video discussing the wrong scoops we were able to confirm that Gavi Singh Chera will not be playing Sauron and instead will play a character from a new race/ group of peoples that we did not see in season 1 thanks to updates from new sources that have helped tremendously.

Through our investigation into false information being spread for The Rings of Power Season 2, in our firsts statement we originally mentioned that certain production members were doing this to catch out leakers and get incorrect information out there.


Once finding this out we investigated this case and tried to find the motive and reason as to why production members wanted this wrong information out there and after talking to multiple production members we were able to discover that some production members of the Rings of Power Season 2 were trying to test the waters and gauge the publics reaction t0 multiple forms of Sauron and shapeshifting. This was the motive as to why Gavi as Sauron got out there alongside Sauron posing as Celeborn in Eregion. which leaked through Reddit and other fan pages.

Direct quotes from 2 (anonymous) sources

“The production wants to test the waters and see if the public will enjoy multiple forms…(of Sauron)”

“…people trying to catch who was leaking info and spreading false information to catch them whilst also trying to get as much fake stuff about him (Sauron) out there to gauge the viewers and fans reactions to it”


These are quotes from 2 different sources- though more have come out to confirm this case but these 2 sources allowed us to use their quotes verbatim. We actually first heard about the production wanting to gauge the publics reaction back in April 2023 but at the time didn’t put too much thought into it (than we should have).

So this is why coincidentally Gavi as Sauron alongside Sauron posing as Celeborn in Eregion both came out around the same time as some production members allegedly wanted to see what the reaction would be like. We would like to also mention that we don’t know who specifically within the production is in charge of all this misinformation and decided to do it and whether it is a rouge group of production members who were not instructed to do it or someone very high up within Amazon planting this.

Still, a lot of people were fooled including us and *many* crew members who were told Gavi Singh Chera was Sauron and this misinformation campaign was so detailed that through our investigation we were able to discover that crew members were sent fake ai concept art around Sauron. We reached out to 2 former concept artists for The Rings of Power Season 1 (who would like to remain anonymous) and they were able to confirm that this was indeed most likely AI and not something realistically used in the production.

We can share a few of these concept art pieces that were given to the crew *that ended up not being real*. There are some more as well but some of the sources stated that these were sent only to a limited number of people (probably in hindsight to catch them out and see if it would leak) so to not risk getting them caught out as we have decided not to post them to protect them. So these pieces of fake concept art were sent out to a lot of people so there is no risk attached:

The blonde woman on the left hand side of Sauron (presumably Charlie Vickers version) is meant to allegedly be Amelia Kenworthy’s character.

Even though Amazon Studios *do use AI for some of their original program productions* through their Storyteller software tool which turn scripts into storyboards after talking to some s1 concept artists they were able to pick out some of the issues and even point them out.

“They all look AI to me”

“these textures are all ai”

“maybe MAYBE they are using AI and it’s official AI work but that seems very unlikely to me but i can confirm it is definitely ai”

So fake Ai art of Sauron and the Original form of Sauron were sent to crew members from someone higher up than them.

During our investigation, we were able to find more evidence to support the claim that a certain group of production members were trying to get fake information of Sauron out there, as FoF wasn’t the only avenue that was considered. According to a source within the production, someone sold information and plot details to a big entertainment “rage bait” YouTuber and this plot information included *Gavi Singh Chera as the Original Form of Sauron*, therefore clearly showcasing that the information sold to this YouTuber includes a lot of fake information.

FoF would like to confirm that throughout our years of reporting we have never bought information or set pictures through a transaction or for any money.


Now back to Gavi Singh Chera as Sauron being wrong alongside Sauron posed as Celeborn in Eregion, we first had this information sent to us by a source on the 27th May but then coincidentally on the 29th May this account posted a bunch of “EXCL” leaks to the r/LOTR_on_Prime and r/rings_of_power sub reddits listing these scoops in a list alongside the scoops that “Adar will betray Sauron, Celebrimbor’s death will be this season”.

Here is the evidence:

Due to a bot of the r/LOTR_on_Prime reddit on different discord servers, some context creators and communities were able to see this before it got taken down and most creators in the community had known about this post. A lot of them tried to reach out as well but it seems like the only person this account ended up talking to in the dms was the Fellowship of Fans reddit account where he stated almost the exact same information that our source had just sent us days prior.

“Celeborn is Calam Lynch, the other 2 are Charlie Vickers and Gavi Singh Chera” he also stated to us that “Cirdan is the one to find the fake Celeborn and bring him to Lindon first then Eregion”.

This person even admitted that he did work on the show (which is obvious) but due to this massive coincidence it wouldn’t be surpising if this was the account of one of the production members wanting to test the water of the public by getting the fake information out there and get FoF to report Celeborn posed as Sauron in Eregion and Gavi and Sauron (which we eventually did). 

This “source” also told us in the dms that Disa would stop the 2 Durins from taking a ring of power and that the Sauron version of Celeborn and Galadriel were both in the Dwarven kingdom for an episode. This is now probably most likely part of the misinformation that the production wanted to get out there showing Sauron in his Celeborn “Annatar” form giving the rings of power to different races.


While hearing from London sources back in April/ May 2023 that Gavi had been on set we also heard conflicting reports in March 2023 that he had also been on the Tenerife sets- so the whereabouts of Gavi have always been confusing- but the question is why him out of all people in the cast?

Our new sources that were able to confirm the misinformation campaign and the scoop that was wrong, was also able to confirm that there is still another Sauron form in Eregion and that Annatar is a character name in the production though it is not confirmed as to whether this Sauron form gets called Annatar. Also, the form that we were thinking was Original form Sauron is indeed this ‘Eregion’ Sauron form. Another source stated that he has long blonde hair and was in white clothing. Charlie Vickers is still a Sauron form in Season 2 but he did not film that much in season 2 compared to Season 1.

Overall, it is interesting that a certain part of the Production for the Rings of Power Season 2 wanted to use FoF (and after the investigation, other ragetubers as well) to gauge the publics and fanbases reactions to shapeshifting and multiple forms of Sauron. Though, why they chose Gavi Singh Chera out of all the whole cast is still a big mystery, alongside the use of fake ai concept art to confuse crew and catch them out and the coincidental posting of leaks from reddit accounts not even 48 hours after we had first heard it and why they even want to gauge the publics reaction in the first place? Finally, as we stressed before we don’t know who the people are in the production that are responsible for this information and whether higher ups at Amazon even knew about this.


We would also like to take the opportunity to still apologise to Gavi Singh Chera for our part in it by ultimately getting it wrong and for all the negative, rude and racist comments and jokes he faced. We did reach out and notify Gavi Singh Chera’s manager and publicist almost a month and a half before release notifying them of the news were were going to run with so Mr Gavi did know of the news being released over a month in advance.

Also, despite this, we are happy that ultimately we were the ones to come out and correct our own reporting and reveal this misinformation and provide the correct update, and thank you to ur new sources that helped us a lot in validating which scoops are correct where we ended up having a 13/14 result that we are all very happy with. Now with these new sources and this investigation finally being over, we can get back to releasing scoops again!

If you have any further knowledge or information of this whole misinformation situation or was also a production member that got tricked in the above ways then feel free to reach out anonymously through our contact page on our site and send in a message!

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