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The Rings of Power

Sauron spreads terror in The Rings of Power S2 Teaser Trailer

Amazon woke up after a long period without releasing content, and gave us all an interesting teaser trailer for the second season of The Rings of Power. A minute and a half of intensity, darkness and terror featuring the dark lord Sauron as the absolute protagonist, and in different ways. We were finally able to get our eyes on Annatar, the form that the Maia uses in the Second Age to approach the elves. Charlie Vickers also shines in these new form, and his smirks have already won everyone over.

So let’s do a brief and quick summary of what we see in this new trailer, to get an idea of what we are going to see in this new season.


Sauron’s power grows

The content focuses mainly on the growing power of Sauron, who in the course of the first season has again awakened his ambitions, and appears ready to bend Middle-earth under his will. There are several frames that point us to the presence of some flashbacks involving the Dark Lord himself, in which we are likely to see his past with Adar and the creation of Durnost as a “laboratory” for his experiments.

The juiciest part, however, concerns the scenes showing Sauron in Annatar form. What is surprising is that we can see the Maia already in Eregion as the battle rages outside the city. There is much curiosity as to how the infiltration process will take place, but Vickers’ facial expressions and the dramatic scenes that follow promise a truly powerful season finale.



Elves and Rings

The trailer also focused heavily on the elves, who are likely to get most of the attention this season. Vilya, Nenya, and Narya are reunited (Perhaps it’s Cirdan’s hand?) and can begin to restore the elven kingdoms of Middle-earth, but Sauron’s power is more threatening than ever, which is why Elrond, Galadriel, Celebrimbor, and Gil-Galad will be called upon to some arduous trials and bloody battles.

There are some really significant shots within the trailer, such as Elrond charging into battle as a commander, or Galadriel screaming in despair and Celebrimbor with an amputated hand. Striking scenes that show the great darkness that the Eldar will face during this season.



Khazad-Dum in peril

Even in the majestic dwarf kingdom the waters are not calm. Durin IV is in conflict with his father and now seems to have lost his pride, and in the meantime we see that King Durin III receives one of the Seven Dwarf Rings, an event that certainly does not promise anything good. A threat winds in the great mountain, and it is the proud prince of the Longbeards who raises the alarm. We also see some collapses involving the bridges of the kingdom, but it is not clear what is due to it (perhaps someone downstairs is starting to get annoyed)



Something is moving in Numenor

In the great empire of the descendants of Elros something unhealthy is starting to grow. In fact, we see Pharazon intent, probably, on taking power and making the kingdom his own. At a specific moment in the trailer you can also see Elendil trying desperately to reach someone, but is held back by the soldiers. Tensions will begin to grow in this storyline, and based on some images seen in the video it is possible to hypothesize that the faithful will begin to be persecuted by the King’s Men.

Much curiosity arose around the scene in which two eagles approach a hall of Numenor, with Pharazon drawing his sword at the same time. The legendary creatures of the skies are emissaries of Manwe and that scene could indicate that Numenor has decided to definitively abandon the path that the Valar have indicated.

Rhun and…Mystics

At the beginning of the trailer you can see the hands and robes of what appear to be mystics. It is not clear whether these are the same ones seen in the first season or others, but this Sauron-worshipping cult is present in Rhun and it is therefore certain that Nori and the Stranger will encounter them again. In a couple of frames that reach the end of the trailer we also see the wizard generating a powerful explosion of air, near what appears to be a well. Immediately afterwards it is possible to see Nori clinging to a handhold so as not to end up swept away.

Isildur and Arondir togheter

He is alive! (did you have any doubts?) The young Numenorean soldier obviously survived the awakening of the Orodruin, and as revealed by our leaks he met Arondir on his path. The two are destined to travel part of the journey together in this second season, and young Estrid will also be with them at some point.

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