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Adar The Rings of Power

A Glimpse at the Latest News about Adar and Galadriel

This past week has been particularly interesting for the promotion of the second season of The Rings of Power. Through the well-known magazines Entertainment Weekly and Empire Magazine, Amazon Prime made some important statements about the season coming in August, mainly concerning two of the show’s most anticipated characters: Adar, now played by Sam Hazeldine, and Galadriel. Here, then, are the words of the actor who took Joseph Mawle’s place for the role of the esteemed villain of the first season.



Hazeldine’s first words on the role of Adar for Entertainment Weekly

On playing Adar: “For me, the appeal was that he’s a dark character, but he doesn’t see himself as a villain. He’s just trying to protect his children, the Uruk. So he’s doing what he feels he has to do to save them from the genocide, whether that would be from Sauron, who sees them as cannon fodder, or from the elves. At the beginning of the season, Adar is kind of in an existential crisis because he doesn’t really know what to do next. Sure, they’re going to have to deal with various attacks, but he’s finished what he set out to do. He took on the responsibility of caring for these children of his and finding them a home, and now he’s done that. This sets up his call to adventure in season 2″.

On Joseph Mawle: “I know Joseph, I worked with him years ago. I think he’s a fantastic actor, and I really loved what he did in the first season, so it was actually a pleasure to take the baton from him. Obviously we don’t look the same, but the character is instantly recognizable”. 

About the work of the Mekeup team: “There were like 200 orcs in the room there, and they were all kind of grunting,” Hazeldine recalls of his first day on set. “It’s quite unnerving to see that many all in one place, it’s quite intimidating. It was helpful to remind myself that I’m not insane, and they are just people.” 

Adar and Sauron relationship and Season 2: “There was an offer for power and for something else, which you’ll find out later on in the show, and Adar willingly took the deal,” Hazeldine says of Adar’s origin. “It’s kind of like he took a red pill and was duped. He was horrifically tortured and maimed. Season 2 starts with a bang, and I was even surprised at how kind of bloodthirsty and violent it is.”

Lindsey Weber words about Galadriel and Season 2

In recent days Lindsey Weber, one of the show’s major producers, spoke about Galadriel’s character and her ring Nenya, forged in the final episode of the first season.
“It’s a very special moment when Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) finally gets to put on her ring, Nenya. Something we hope we’ve captured in cinematic fashion at the opening of Season 2. This season we get to play with some of the storytelling around what the rings do and, I think most importantly, what they do to our characters when they’re wearing them. They change people in ways that might be good, and ways that might be less good. [We see] a real different side to Galadriel.

She’s humbled. She’s had to own up to her mistakes. She’s had to accept that her intuition maybe isn’t always perfect. She’s had to face the question of whether she’s wrong and decide which way to go to set right what she’s had a hand in unleashing on Middle-earth”.

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