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EXCL: The First 20 Minutes of The War of the Rohirrim Footage Revealed & Described (Spoilers)

Today at Annecy Film Festival, the first 20 minutes of the ‘The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim’ was revealed and from our sources we have a complete rundown of the scenes, characters and footage seen to the audience. Of course, this will include spoilers for the upcoming film slated to release this December- let’s begin.

(UPDATE) The footage starts of with the main protagonist (Hera) feeding 2 giants eagles and is an introduction to the main character. We then see her go from the eagles into Edoras.

Then we go to Edoras where there are a big meeting and council happening between all of Rohans clan’s and they have all been summoned with Freca also being present.

The king of the Rohan (Helm Hammerhand) declares during the council that he wants to marry his daughter Hera (the main character ) with a Gondor Prince

One of the Clan’s present at the council is meant to be a troublesome/ bad clan who hate Gondor so they oppose to the marriage put forward by helm Hammerhand.

A little conflict begins between the King (Helom Hammerhand) and the leader of the bad clan (Freca). They go outside to do a fight with all the coucil members and chieftains from different clans surrounding them (this scene was mentioned as being simialr to a scene/ fight from the movie Fight Club.

But the king killa the other clan leader with one right punch to the head.

The 20 minutes of footage ends with the son of the clan leader looking and promising for revenge.


Let us know what you think of the description footage shown at Annexy Film Festival.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim premieres 13th December 2024 

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