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Welcome To Our Fellowship!

Welcome to our Fellowship!

     Welcome to FellowshipOfFans.com! This is our little slice of the internet where fans can come together and share any and all things related to Tolkien. At the start of the website that will be just from the staff that is already on the FellowshipofFans team. However, as time goes on and we settle into our roles here we would love to open things up and have guest writers from the community.

What can you expect from the staff in terms of articles? Well, if it has to deal with Tolkien in any form you are likely going to also read about it here. It won’t matter if it’s video games, mobile games, comics, books, a Second Age television show possibly appearing on Amazon Prime on September 2, 2022 or any updates with the IP at all. If we see something that grabs our eye, we will try to bring it to you, the community. We will try to have nice tags for each article we write so that if you want to check in on a specific topic, or if you’d like to avoid a certain topic, that should be possible as well. Before I get too much further I will address the Oliphant in the room: The team is absolutely still going to provide leaks and breaking scoops around the show. The reason this whole Fellowship of Fans started in the first place will continue to be a driving force of the content we produce.

How do we turn this into an entire community effort? That is where you, the Fans, come into play! Do you have a personal story about how Tolkien/LotR/Middle-Earth has impacted your life? We would love for you to tell it here. Would you like a platform to write about your feelings on a particular topic? Submit it to us! Have a review of a new LotR themed game or hobby? Please reach out! You will be given full credit for your work and you can happily plug your social media profiles and links for contributing.

Over time those Fans who are consistently submitting solid work can earn a role on the team officially. If you want one, that is. That said, thank you lads and lasses so much for checking out the website and being a true part of a real Fellowship. It means a lot to us to have you here and we appreciate the support.

-Fellowship Member Varking-

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Varking Runesong
Co-Chair of FellowshipofFans

I'm Varking! I was introduced to Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien, as a whole, by my father when I was really young. He read them to me but I didn't really understand them at the time due to being so young. As I got older I had to read them for school and everything clicked and I fell in love with Middle-earth. Most of you that recognize me probably do from the LOTR_on_Prime subreddit or FoF streams but I also have a podcast called Green Lanterns Podcast and it’s available on all platforms.


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    January 22, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    I have the honour of being the first comment.

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