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The Faithful vs The Kingsmen Underway Behind The Scenes For The Rings Of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

  1. The editing process has been well underway for months now for season 2 of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and we have some updates around this process which is unravelling some major future questions around some key plot points of the show and which direction it wants to take.

In season one some viewers felt that we didn’t spend enough time in Numenor or at least with some of its major characters such as Pharazon, Earien and Kemen.

Now with season 2 as revealed by the showrunners we are coming up to a 2-episode battle which is one of the main events and culminating points of the season. Sources close to the situation and speaking to FoF have revealed that during the initial round of editing which has happened for most episodes already and sent into review to the production team/ producers. It has been revealed that the editors REMOVED and edited out a lot of important Numenor scenes and moments.

The Rings of Power production team and producers did not agree with this and have asked for in the next round of editing for these episodes to now PRIORITISE a lot of the Numenor scenes when they have to cut down the individual episodes in order to meet the general run time requirements. This has revealed a big difference of opinion between the editors and producers about how much Numenor we should see in season 2.

FoF have also learnt that The Rings of Power production team are instead insisting for the editors to cut down other plot line(s) so the Numenor storyline can have more screen time. It was revealed to FoF that the specific plot-line which the Rings of Power producers wanted to cut down to compromise for more Numenor scenes was the Elven plot-line in season 2.

However, the editing team for the Rings of Power do not agree with this decision and requirement by producers, insisting that all the episodes should lead to the big 2- episode battle near the end of the season and believe the Numenor plot has nothing to really add to it.

Another reason why the editing team are frustrated with this decision is because this next edit/ cut would be cutting screen time from the elven storyline which is upsetting for the editors as they believe they have something that made sense in their minds and makes the show flow correctly whilst at a good pace, something the producers currently disagree with.

Still, producers are holding their ground and are insisting on prioritising Numenor, especially for it to be more heavily featured than it currently is in the first round of editing which has seemingly not included a lot of important Numenor scenes and instead reduced its screentime.

One anonymous source spoke to FoF giving their opinion stating “The editing team are the professionals they know about the pace and what makes sense for the episodes to have the right rhythm and make sense but the producers are staying firm with this suggestion”.

From our understanding, we would also like to clarify that this isn’t a toxic BTS fight and battle between the two sides but more of a discussion and dispute between skilled professionals at work.

What side are you on? Let us know.

Fellowship of Fans would also like to reiterate that we have a neutral opinion on the matter.

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