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Set Photos: A Variety Of Elves Spotted During Filming Of The Rings Of Power Season 2 (Exclusive)

On Thursday the 18th May, the crew and production of the Amazon blockbuster series ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ were caught filming at Virginia Water, Surrey where many elves were spotted. Interestingly, many different costumed elves were spotted alongside figures in black robes and the FoF scoop team have analysed and broken down all the details and discussion points below.

Elven children were also spotted at this location, which would mean it’s the first time we have seen elven children in the show since the prologue. However, all elven children and actors have been cut from all videos and photos before being sent in to respect their privacy.


Firstly, many green robed elves were spotted walking with what seems to be helmets or caps on their head. These elves appearance wise look similar to the set photo taken earlier in the year which showed 4 elves including Morfydd Clark on a hillside. Though, it is important to notice that despite wearing helmets, these elves don’t seem to have been in any action as of yet.


In contrast, more elves were spotted but this time in a light pink dress and it is unsure yet whether the elves in this picture and the one above are in the same clan or from different parts of middle-earth coming together at this one location. Similar to Galadriel, these elves seem too have long golden hair.


Actors Celeste Dodwell and Roxanne Nielson are reported to be playing ‘High Noble’ elves in The Rings of Power season 2 so it could potentially be either one, if not both of them presented in the image above.


Next up we have another elf pictured who is again dressed differently to the other elves, supporting a more darker/ black costume. This currently adds up to three different type of costumed elves at this woodland and waterfall location.


The 2 elves depicted in the image above seem to be wearing the same costume as the elves in first image and it is interesting to notice that the elf on the left does have quite long hair so maybe this suggests that in season 2, there will be a lot more of a mixture between short and long haired elves. Again, the elven woman on the right is wearing a helmet and whether this is just a ceremonial addition to the costume or actually practical, we shall have to wait and see.


A video was also taken of all the elves passing by and amongst the elves passing by, there were some interesting dark robed figures and characters spotted, especially at 0:11. According to onlookers, it seemed like crew and production members were playing close attention and were always around this figure on the set.

Here is the figure that was in the dark robe and frustratingly the branch was in front of his face so we weren’t able to spot or identify the actor. Also, it was hard to determine whether he was even an elf.














Theories and Speculation (Includes book spoilers)

Theory 1: Ceremony

The first theory consists of the possibility of this just simply being a ceremony similar to the one led by Sadoc Burrows with the Harfoots in season 1 but with the elves. This could explain why so many of the elves are dressed up in different costumes.

Or this could be a wider and more important ceremony in the Rings of Power which includes elves from all corners and kingdoms from Middle- earth to arrive.

Theory 2: War Council

The fact many of the elves spotted in the set photos are wearing helmets and potentially armour but not looking like they have been in battle or faced any fighting, could lead to the theory that this is a war council before, during or even after the War of the Elves and Sauron. These could be important generals from different kingdoms coming together to make war plans and preparations.

Theory 3: Lothlorien or Greenwood the Great

One of the more exciting theories for Tolkien fans would be if we are seeing a new elven realm or kingdom in season 2, mainly Lorien or the Greenwood. The latter was hinted at by Sadoc Burrows as a location The Stranger and Nori could pass in season 2 so maybe this is a hint that it could be a more prominent location in season 2 and these are all the different inhabitants of the realm, which is why we haven’t seen any of these costumes before.

Theory 4: Foundation of Rivdendell/ Imladris

This is more of a wild theory, but could this be the moment Elrond and his army arrive late to the downfall of Eregion, hence why a lot of the elves don’t look like they have been in battle despite wearing battle memorabilia. Whilst, also being the reason why their seems to be so many different types of elves or costumed elves as some are from Lindon and some are from Eregion who were able to escape just in time into the forests. Therefore, here we are seeing the beginning of Elrond’s recuperation of all the straggler elves from both Lindon and Eregion who go and end up establishing Rivendell.

Special thanks to FoF Scoop team member Cathy for some of the analysis.


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