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POTENTIAL SPOILERS: Peter Mullan Is Playing King Who?! What Was Up With The Rock-Breaking In The Trailer?

Today on YouTube on our “The Second Age Show” we had two exclusive tidbits to reveal. The first was that Peter Mullan is playing King Durin on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and that he is part of that group who gets hurt in the mine collapse.

Peter Mullan will play King Durin who in the first episode is involved in a major mine collapse scene barely making it out with his life but many dwarves die. Whether this is the same scene as Sophia is singing in the trailer is yet unconfirmed.

We also theorize on the idea of having two Durin characters in the show alive at the same time. Below we reveal the plot of the rock-breaking scene that we see part of in the trailer.

The dwarf king submits a challenge of strength and endurance to Elrond. All the dwarves want the elf’s blood because he originally is thought to be a thief. They hold a rock-breaking competition. Each takes turns striking a blow. It will be edited throughout the episode going on and on. In the end both are knackered. Elrond in the end submits, kneels and lays his axe down. Everyone cheers and the elf is let go.

None of this comes as a surprise to me as an expert on all things Dwarven but I am wondering what some of your thoughts are. Check out the video below and make sure to leave a comment with your ideas!

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