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The Rings of Power Season 2

Major Galadriel scoops for The Rings of Power Season 2

Mae Govannen, Mellyn!

Welcome back to our usual appointment dedicated to the latest scoops about the The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2. Today’s leaks seems to be quite important and interesting so far, as they concern the Siege of Eregion, Elrond, Adar and especially Galadriel. Here’s what the weekly news has to offer.



New Galadriel major scoops for The Rings of Power Season 2

EXCL: During the sack of Eregion Galadriel will be in the city trying to help save the Elven residents and get them to safety before the city is overrun.

EXCL: On the battlefield Galadriel is locked in a cage. There is a scene where she is being poked with an orcs spear and it draws blood which runs down her neck.

EXCL: Elrond alongside an army will try and help save Galadriel from imprisonment by the Orcs and Adar. During this effort he gets into a 1 v 1 fight with Adar who at one point grabs him by the neck and throws him to the floor.

EXCL: (Morfydd Clark) Galadriel was on set at the same time and in scenes with Calam Lynch (Celeborn), Robert Aramayo (Elrond) Selina Lo (Elf) quite a lot.

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