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From Khazad-Dum to Moria: How the Dwarven realm will look in the Rings of Power

One of the most important scenarios in The Rings of Power will undoubtedly be the majestic realm of Khazad-Dum, which for thousands of years was the most powerful and thriving dwarven kingdom in Middle-earth. This place was also significant and iconic during the Third Age, when the Fellowship of the Ring crossed it to continue their secret mission. In that historical period, the aforementioned place had now become a ruined mine swarming with orcs, and which hid in its deepest depths the “Bane of Durin”, the balrog that was later killed by Gandalf during the events of LOTR .

From Khazad-Dum to Moria

Khazad-Dum was founded in the Years of the Trees by Durin I “The Deathless”, progenitor of the Longbeard clan. In the First Age the kingdom took no part in noteworthy battles, as Morgoth’s forces were engaged in bloody wars against Elves and Men. After the destruction of Beleriand and the decline of the kingdoms of Belegost and Nogrod, Khazad-Dum became the absolute centerpiece of dwarven power in Middle-earth, and held this status for several millennia.

The Second Age represents a period of great wealth and expansion for the kingdom, given that there was a great growth in culture, military strength and craftsmanship. Many dwarves from Belegost and Nogrod took refuge in the city, and being part of other clans (Flame Beard and Broadbeams for the most part), it is unclear whether they mingled with the Longbeards during their stay in the city. This historical period led the people of Durin to forge a great and fruitful friendship with the elves of Eregion, led by Celebrimbor. The alliance with the Eldar allowed Khazad- Dum to expand and enrich himself further, up to go beyond the borders to the west, where the famous “Gate of Moria” was built.

In the Third Age the kingdom came to an end around 1980 T.A, when the dwarves, digging deep for Mithril, awakened a balrog of Morgoth. The demon’s fury destroyed the city and routed the dwarven people, turning the place into a lair of orcs and dark creatures. Over time, the remnants of that great realm became known as “Moria”, which in Sindarin means “Black Pit”. The dwarves attempted to reclaim that domain after the fall of Erebor at the hands of Smaug, but Durin’s people suffered heavy losses, and despite the victory they would not have the strength to rebuild it. It was Balin, son of Fundin, who occupied the city for some time, ending up being surrounded and killed by the orcs and the fury of the demons along with his company. In the fourth Age it was Thorin III Stonehelm and Thorin VII (his descendant) who restored the beauty and majesty of the kingdom.

How Khazad-Dum will look in The Rings of Power

The importance of Khazad-Dum in the series will be great, as it also plays a major role in the SA in the books. From the leaks we have released in the last year, we know that we will have both Durin III and Durin IV in the same period, a deviation from the writings dictated by the need to compress the timelines, a dynamic that represents one of the problems of the show. We also know that Elrond will often be seen in Khazad Dum in the first season, since he will be sent by Gil-Galad on a diplomatic mission. The purpose of Imladris’s future lord is to forge and strengthen the alliance between Elves and Dwarves, and it will be very interesting to see, especially in the dialogues, the quality of the interactions that he and Durin’s people will have.

According to our information, the dwarves will dress in dragon scales and their appearance will be closer to that of the books than the Jackson trilogies. In fact, in the teaser trailer we saw some extras of dwarves in one of the last frames, and their aesthetic was extraordinarily close to the texts, with long beards and old faces. We will also have a dwarven princess named Disa, whose name is obviously inspired by that of Dis, sister of Thorin Oakenshield.

What we will see in the series will be a majestic Khazad- Dum in full power, filled with wealth, laughter and beer. According to the descriptions of the books, the immense halls will feature large columns and arched passages, illuminated by sparkling crystal lamps. The kingdom is spread over several levels, which can be reached via stairs finely carved in the rock. Each floor is made up of vast rooms and several passages, with glossy black walls like glass. A grandiose, sumptuous and powerful place, which will surely make us rub our eyes, and we can’t wait to experience, for the first time on screen, the charm and beauty of such an important kingdom in Tolkien mythology.

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