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Welcome to Fellowship of Fans! A community of Tolkien fans where we post the latest news about the magnificent world of J.R.R Tolkien, while also updating you on the new Amazon LoTR TV series, and more. In between that we will be doing lore videos and theories based on Middle Earth topics, while also delving into the most fascinating and debatable topics in Tolkien’s works.

The Rings of Power

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Owner | @Harry4878

I’m Harry the creator and owner of Fellowship of Fans and my first introduction to Tolkien was unsurprisingly through my father reading me the Hobbit when I was very young. Being able to grow FoF into a wider and uplifting community is a privilege and being able to do alongside such great team members is an honour.


President | @Fzanjanchi

Fredrik from Sweden. Came in contact with FoF some years ago and started talking with Harry and then got invited to London to see the premiere and has since then been a part of FoF. Working mostly behind the scenes but I join on screen sometimes here and there, usually in the high season on watch-parties and stuff. As for many, LOTR has been my safe-space since I can remember and I read/watch everything related to the Professor.


Warhirrim Wednesday Producer | @VarkingRunesong

I’m Varking! I was introduced to Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien, as a whole, by my father when I was really young. He read them to me but I didn’t really understand them at the time due to being so young. As I got older I had to read them for school and everything clicked and I fell in love with Middle-earth. Most of you that recognize me probably do from the LOTR_on_Prime subreddit or FoF streams but I also have a podcast called Green Lanterns Podcast and it’s available on all platforms.


Chief Advisor | @PenguinsPoppins

My name is Aptenodytes Forsteri, commander of the Armies of the South, General of the Antarctic Legions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Thorondir. Father to a scrambled egg. Husband to a Kentucky-fried wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.


TSAS Producer | @Strajder10

Hello there, Strider here! I am the host and producer for the Second Age Show podcast. My story in Middle-Earth begins since before I was born, as my mother read and finished The Lord of the Rings just before she gave birth to me. Then, when I was 8, over around 3 months I read the trilogy for the first time. Now, 20 years and countless rereads of Tolkien’s big 3 later, I am working on my Master’s thesis about Middle-Earth.


Scoop Supervisor

Hi I’m Cathy. I love scoops so here I am at FoF, a perfect place for scooping! My first introduction to the Tolkien Universe was the PJ movies but since then I have read most of the books. My favorite character is Eowyn.


Chief Editor | @1992Lione

Hi, I’m Francesco, and I’ve been a proud member of FoF team since last year. My passion for Tolkien books started when I was 9, when my elder cousin gave me a DVD of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It was love at first sight, and then I read the books, and I fell in love with Middle Earth much more. Those tales of elves, dwarves, hobbits, humans and orcs became, through the years, a lifestyle to me, and have deeply changed my life. To be part of this team is such an honour for me, and, as a journalist, I’m very proud to write about Tolkien for our fans and followers.


Hey everyone, I’m Vi! My introduction to Tolkien was kinda rocky, I’ll admit. My mom bought me the Hobbit when I was 11, but being a snobbish bookworm in my historical dramas era I thought of it as too childish. Eventually, I read it almost a year later after having finished every book in my library and my mom refusing to buy me new ones cause I had that one left. Well I’ve been obsessed with Tolkien ever since! Looking forward to seeing you on our twitter!


Video Editor | @UlmoTheEditor

Hi I’m Ulmo, I’ve been introduced to the world of Middle-Earth through my father with the movies and eventually he read the Hobbit as well. I’ve never left Arda ever since.


My name is Nikoline, I’m a Norwegian actress and I’ve been with the council of fans and fellowship of fans since the early beginnings. I fell in love with Tolkien through school readings of The Hobbit, then with acting when I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring in theatres at 13. My admiration only grew from there. Fav story is Beren & Luthien. Fav race is elves.


Social Media Campaign Manager


Presenter | @GregoryShelby

Hi! I’m Gregory, and I’ve been involved with Fellowship of Fans since the filming and production of Season 1. My introduction to Tolkien was The Hobbit, which my mom gave me when I was 8. I was blown away and quickly moved on to reading The Lord Of The Rings a year before the fantastic Peter Jackson films came out. I have worked with FoF as part of the Twitter team, YouTube streams, and as part of FoF’s famous “information gathering” team.


Presenter | @RoryHar11111793

Hello all. My name is Rory Harrison and I hail from Toronto Canada! I first became involved with Fellowship of Fans in the buildup to season 1 of the Rings of Power. I started to do some social media work for FOF as well as a contributor on their hype and breakdown streams. Since then I’ve been part of the team as we went from filming leaks to poster, teaser, trailers and comic con interviews as well!. My love for Tolkien originally began sometime around  99/00 as a preteen when I read the hobbit and fellowship of the ring… Once the first Jackson film came out I would speed through the rest of the series and reread them many times… The film trilogy remains my all time favourite and I have since read the rest of Tolkien’s legendarium.


Presenter | @jasoncmiller

Jason Charles Miller here!  My introduction to Tolkien started when my mom gave me her copy of the Lord of the Rings (2nd American edition!) when I was 10 years old, but I was told to read The Hobbit first, of course. Since then, I’ve had a life-long passion for all things Tolkien and Middle-earth, with a big focus on the 1st Age.  As a voice actor, I even got to voice the Uruk Commander Ugthak in the game ‘Lord of the Rings: Rise to War,’ a feather in the cap, to be sure.  I love being a part of the Fellowship of Fans and contributing as much as I can, especially during our lively round table discussions!


Writer | @austrawandil

Wesaþ ġé hále! I have long appreciated Tolkien’s works, both directly and through the interpretation of other artists. Perhaps my first introduction to Tolkien’s works was the calendar artwork of the Brothers Hildebrandt, which fired my youthful imagination even before I had read LOTR. As I grew old enough to read Tolkien on my own, I was impressed by the amount of world-building information available in the Appendices to LOTR, which eventually helped steer me to study linguistics. I enjoy learning more about the interplay between Tolkien’s scholarship and his writing, which were not two separate worlds, but continually informed each other, and may help us as fans to be better informed about what Tolkien really thought.



Writer | @ClaysCourt

Ever since I was a kid, The Lord of the Rings, and the rest of Tolkien’s legendarium for that matter, has played a significant role in my life. The tales, characters, and mythos that Tolkien crafted, inspired me to create my own stories of friendship, hope, and loss. It is because of Tolkien, that we can enjoy one of the greatest literary works of all time—and for that, I am immensely grateful.


Writer | @PakJaron

Hi, I’m Jaron. I write things. A lot of things. Especially things about Tolkien. I started reading Tolkien when I was 12, and I’ve never stopped cycling through LOTR since. “The Hobbit” is my favorite book. Peter Jackson’s movies are iconic. I write about all things Tolkien over at Looper. I love my life.


News Coverage Writer | @ProodeBaggins

Hello, it’s Proode! I’ve been enchanted by Middle Earth since I was a little kid, thanks to the popularity of the movies and the PS2 games in the early 2000s. And as I grew up, I’ve taken the time to immerse myself in it more. I read The Hobbit when I saw my friend reading it in class, and I asked if I could borrow it; she gifted it to me with a cute note on the front page, and I realized there’s even more joy to be found in the books. Middle Earth is literally a second reality for me and an escape from the actual reality, so being able to share this sentiment with many others is amazing! I was given the opportunity to write for this beautiful fellowship, and I hope you enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing them! 


Presenter | @barli_butterbur

Hi my name is Barliman and I would say I’ve always been a Tolkien nut but in truth, Gollum terrified me as a child. Instead, I rewatched The Two Towers on VHS when I was 14 and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Writer | @MelYuval

My introduction to Lord of The Rings was through the Lego Video game, I’ve been a huge fan of Tolkien ever since.